Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week Two

Burnished Area and Burr Depth

The image on the left shows us taking pictures using a microscope to measure the burnished area and burr depth of a specimen. We used a program called SPOT to capture an image from the microscope and draw 20 vertical lines which are measured in pixels. The first 10 lines (green) are from the top edge to the bottom of the burnished area, and the next 10 lines (red) are from the top edge to the bottom edge. We have been using this method during our first week to take measurements of the sheared edge of steel samples cut by a specific tool. These samples are organized by how many cuts a machine has made up to that point. The samples that we were testing were taken every 50,000 cuts made by the machine with the initial batch taken from zero cuts. Figuring out how to obtain the highest quality image took some patience since the glare from the burnished area would distort the image, but after                                                                                 some time we got the hang of it.   

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